Friday, April 23, 2010

The Window Of Time For Antique Ruby Jewelry

A website with antique ruby jewelry contains pictures of many different rings. The rings differ in both the style of the ring and the nature of the artistry in that ring. Among the pictured rings one finds beautiful, fine metal work. Those posted pictures don’t answer the question that must pester the mind of anyone who has chosen to buy a piece of antique ruby jewelry: What shape should the ruby be? Some antique ruby rings have a round ruby. Other antique ruby rings have a square ruby. The older rings have the quality and workmanship that one expects to find in an antique ring.

US Army Ruby Ring

Slowly but surely, the veterans of World War II are leaving us. Slowly but surly the most likely wearers of antique ruby jewelry are moving on to another realm of existence. Where then should someone go to sight a live human finger bedecked in a piece of antique jewelry? Those who want to make such a sighting should consider visiting the convalescent homes in the United States. They should be on the lookout for women who were born in July of 1912. What is the significance of that month, and how does it relate to antique ruby jewelry?

During the year of 1912, the jewelers of American gathered for a conference. At the conclusion of that conference they put out a new type of list. It was a list of birthstones. The jewelers had selected one gemstone to represent each month of the year. Their list of birthstones appeared in a number of publications. Now back in 1912, new parents did not expect to receive a deluge of mail, much of it about items of interest to first-time mothers and fathers. The children of 1912 did not have access to the number of toy stores and toy departments that children do today.

New parents had only a limited number of places where they could get something special for a new baby. Family and friends of a man and woman with a new baby also had few places to look, should they want to buy a gift for the tiny infant. As the same child grew older, there continued to be few places where one could purchase a truly special gift for that child. By creating a list of birthstones, the jewelers of America presented society with a new way to honor an infant boy or girl.

Antique Ruby Pendant

Now the jewelers must have given some thought to their list. They made the green emerald the birthstone for March, the month for St. Patrick’s Day. They made the ruby the birthstone for July, the month when U.S. citizens fly the flag of red, white and blue. Certainly some parents, grandparents and close friends bought a piece of jewelry with a ruby during the year of 1912. Certainly, some of those parents, grandparents and close friends gave that jewelry to a child who had been born in July. That child might now be in a convalescent home in the United States. That child might continue to possess a piece of antique ruby jewelry.